4.8 - 6.1Mtr - 2.25m Beam.

5.5 - 5.8 Mtr - 2.45m Beam.


Primarily used for clubs, safety and patrol boats...       

6.6 - 8.6 Mtr - 2.60m Beam.

8.6 - 10.1 Mtr - 2.75m Beam

Uses include charters, safety and rescue, military....


As commercial RIB builders, all craft are built to customers requirements with specifications, seating, fittings to customer order. Tubes can be standard 1200g or heavy duty 1600g Orca Hypalon Fabric.

We run through the various design details, coming up with innovative solutions for any market. Plancraft RIB's are well known for their durability and high build quality, building highly dependable boats

Please contact us with you specific requirements for a quote.

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