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Insurance damage quotations and repairs

Plancraft have always undertaken accident repair work for all makes of boat. Plancraft have dealt with most leading insurers and are a recognized repairer.  Plancraft have the advantage that they can undertake all aspects of Insurance work, From cosmetic repairs, hull/ deck damage, to engines, stern drives, windscreens, trailers etc.

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  • PLANCRAFT  carry out all types of insurance work for any insurer, covering any of the items listed on this page. Please call for details.

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RIB repairs/ services

As manufacturers of rigid hull inflatable boats (RIB) Plancraft are able to carry out all repairs to RIB's, from hulls/ decks / consoles  to the repair and maintenance of all types of 'Hypalon' tubes, including modifications and additions of extra items.

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Replacement Hypalon tubes available to order. 



  • PLANCRAFT manufacture/ repair consoles, seats, trim, covers.

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