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GRP Moulding

As a manufacturing company Plancraft are experts in moulding of GRP.

Plancraft can undertake virtually any project in GRP moulding, from boats, to small components.
Plancraft can under take all aspects from initial design, making prototypes, plug making, mould making and making the product.

wpe38.jpg (6860 bytes)wpe34.jpg (10463 bytes)wpe21.jpg (6789 bytes)wpe7.jpg (13250 bytes)   Click on photo to enlarge

  • PLANCRAFT carry out all GRP and composite moulding of their own boat range as well as moulding for other marine and industrial companies

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Boat repairs/ service

From Plancraft's experience in GRP moulding and manufacture of new boats a vast knowledge of repairing and maintaining boat hulls and decks. All types of work can be carried out from major repairs (photo below) to repairs to cosmetics in gel coat, cleaning/ polishing of Gel coat etc.

Other types of repair include re strengthening/ stiffening of bearers/ transoms, replacing old/ rotted flooring in sport boats, re trimming, carpeting etc.

  • PLANCRAFT can repair and maintain all boat makes and models to either the GRP or internal fittings having the experience as being manufacturers.

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