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6.6 RS Royale  RIB


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5 Chamber Hypalon tubes, with 6 grab handles,

moulded lifeline holders, lifelines Double rubbing strake

Bow fairlead

Deep V hull, monocoque construction hull

Splashwell transom moulding including drains

Integral sculpted rear seat and back rest with large storage area behind and under rear seat.

Bow eye, 2 transom U bolts

Sports console with front seat, screen and stainless steel

rail, cushion and back rest, hatch

2 x 1-man jockey seats

Bow locker

Steering wheel, helm and cable steering

Bilge pump.

Owner’s manual



Technical Specifications

Overall Length                              - 6.6 Mtr

Internal Length                           - 5.6 Mtr

Overall Width                                - 2.6 Mtr

Inside Width                                   - 1.6 Mtr

Tube Diameter - 18” tapering to 14”

Number of Air Chambers        - 5 Std

Maximum Power                          - 200hp 

Engine Shaft                                    - X Long

Design Category                             - C

Boat Weight inc Eng/Rigging - 475 Kgs




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